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Impact of Tajima, Fujiyoshi and Kedaka Wagyu bloodlines on the breed.

Japanese Wagyu derive from native Asian cattle, which were infused with British and European breeds in the late 1800's. Although the breed was closed to outside breed lines in 1910, regional isolation has produced a number of different lines with varying conformation.

Tajiri Line
The Tajiri or Tajima line originated from the Hyogo prefecture. These black cattle were originally used to pull carts and ploughs so they developed larger forequarters and lighter hindquarters. They are generally smaller framed with slower growth rates, but produce excellent meat quality with large eye muscle and superior marbling. The Tajima bloodlines, it is said, is the most appropriate to use for the improvement of meat quality and generally regarded as producing the best quality meat in all of Japan.

Fujiyoshi Line
The Fujiyoshi (or Shimane) line originates from Okayama Prefecture in Japan. These cattle are known for large frames, their average growth rates and meat quality, and quiet temperament. Shimane bulls tend to pass on genetics indicating a large body size, and often produce progeny with large framed carcasses. The most famous bull in this line is Dai 7 Itozakura, perhaps the most famous bull in Japan, whose picture was printed on a Japanese phone card. Some of his most famous progeny include: Kikuhana, Itohana, Itomichi and Kitaguni 7/8.

Kedaka Line
The Kedaka (or Tottori) line originates from Tottori Prefecture in Japan. These cattle were pack animals in the grain industry and so tend to be larger animals with straight, strong backlines and generally good growth rates. Other characteristics include good growth, larger frame, and a high level of fertility. They are known for their fine, loose skin. The Kedaka line was formed from descendants of the sire Kedaka, born in 1959. Dai 20 Hirashige is an important sire of the Kedaka line.

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Fukutsuru 068




Kikutsuru: The Hyogo Cow
Possibly the most famous Japanese cow of all time is Kikutsuru, sometimes called 'the Hyogo cow.' JVP Fukutsuru 068 has a double cross of Kikutsuru, and is ranked as the number one marbling bull by Washington State University. Michifuku and Takazakura are descendants of Kikutsuru. Bulls also in this bloodline are Kikuyasu 400, Kikuterushige and Terutani.