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Learn about GeneSTAR® and the role it has taken in enhancing Lone Mountain Cattle Company's effective breeding program.

We use the newest science available in testing our Wagyu cattle for their genetic potential. Starting off with the best genetics available, we apply a mixture of the tests described below as part of the selection process when choosing cattle for breeding. DNA testing provides a fast, economical and accurate means of identifying the genetic potential of our Wagyu herd.

When consumers pick their beef cuts, one of the most important characteristics is tenderness. The use of genetic markers to indicate tenderness is now being offered by a number of companies. Two commercially available genetic tests have been validated by the National Beef Cattle Evaluation Consortium (NBCEC): the Igenity TenderGENE™ tests and the GeneSTAR® Tenderness tests. Tenderness markers are the most reliable genetic markers that have yet been discovered, and perhaps the most important. We strongly believe that using these tests to enhance tenderness will improve the economics of the beef industry.

The primary module we use in our efforts to obtain and maintain outstanding genetics for our LMCC Wagyu cattle is the GeneSTAR Tenderness and Quality Grade tests, in combination with their new program, the Genetic Progeny Differences™, or GPD's. GeneSTAR tests are designed to enhance high quality beef production, and thousands of cattle from more than ten countries have been GeneSTAR tested. One of the key benefits of DNA technology is the ability to provide genetic information at a young age.

The GeneSTAR tests have found that our foundation LMCC Wagyu herd is of exceptional quality and include many 12,13 and rare 14 Star animals.

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» GeneNOTE 10, GeneSTAR Feed Efficiency 4, The First DNA Marker Tests for Net, Feed Intake and Feed Conversion Efficiency (pdf)

» GeneNOTE 11, GeneSTAR Tenderness 4, A multi-marker DNA test for beef tenderness (pdf)

» GeneNOTE 12, GeneSTAR Marbling 4, A multi-marker DNA test for marbling (pdf)

» GeneSTAR Marbling4, Tenderness4 Feed Efficiency4, Technical Update October 2006 (pdf)

"Bob Estrin (LMCC's CEO) has been a Bovigen customer for several years with the goal to improve the genetics within his Fullblood Wagyu herd. He is a progressive cattleman that sees value in the use of DNA diagnostic markers to enhance breeding selection in his herd. With these practices in place, seedstock and other purebred producers are receiving an added-value animal genetically.

It takes special out of the box thinking to apply these techniques, especially in the cattle industry; it take people like Bob to enhance the beef industry for a better eating experience. With his continual use of this technology along with culling for other phenotype issues, I foresee him in the next three years having the number one herd with the best marbling and tenderness genetics in the country."

Victor Castellon,
Former Bovigen CEO