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"Australian Link to Wagyu's First Million Dollar Auction"
The Australian Wagyu Update
August 2014

"Breeding for Fine Marbling"
American Cattlemen
July 2012

“Kansas Cattlemen Building Herd of Wagyu”
“A New Mexico excursion to explore a niche market convinced Salina cattleman Jack Cossette that the Japanese Wagyu breed was worth a try to increase profits.”
Cattle Network Web Editor
September 23, 2009

LMR Featured in Fotofarm newsletter Volume XLII
January 7, 2009

Leading the Way with Wagyu (pdf)
Western Cowman
February 2008

New Mexico's Lone Mountain Ranch Fights the Drought to Raise World-class Wagyu Cattle (pdf)
Working Ranch
August/September 2007

LMR Featured in Fotofarm newsletter Volume XII
September 26, 2007

US Wagyu Industry Gains Momentum (pdf)
The Australian Wagyu Update

Lone Mountain Transitions to Full-Blood Wagyu (pdf)
May 14, 2007