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Glen A. Lloyd (1895-1975) and his wife, Marion Musser Lloyd (1910-2005) purchased Lone Mountain Ranch in 1965. Glen Lloyd, a respected Chicago attorney and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Chicago, was born in White Rocks, Utah where his father was a doctor at the Uintah Indian Reservation. Upon reaching the age of 70 Glen informed his wife Marion he wanted to return to the Southwest to work cattle, as he had done in his youth. They found a ranch in northern New Mexico, nestled between the Ortiz and San Pedro Mountains, with a beautiful lone mountain in the corner.

Marion Musser Lloyd was the daughter of Clifton (C.R) Musser (1869-1956). C.R. raised award-winning Herefords at the Hillandale Farm (Muscatine, Iowa), and was the President of the American Hereford Association. C.R. also founded the Iowa State Agricultural Foundation in 1937 (the name was later changed to the Iowa State Agricultural Endowment).

Marion Lloyd, an active community and educational leader (Life Trustee at the University of Chicago, Vassar College and the American University in Cairo, and Chair of the Ravinia Festival Association), was no stranger to cattle but had never operated a ranch herself.

Upon Glen Lloyd's death in 1975, Marion took over the reins without a moment's hesitation and ran a successful commercial cow-calf herd - of running Hereford, Angus, Charolais, Simmental and Brangus at various times - for twenty years.

Robert and Mary Lloyd Estrin have operated Lone Mountain Ranch since the mid-1990's, continuing to run the commercial herd of 325 Angus - until forced by drought in 2003 to reduce the herd to 100 pair.

Bob, raised in Southeastern New Mexico, is a retired film editor (The Candidate, Badlands and A River Runs Through It) as well as former Professor at the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. Mary is a published photographer (To The Manor Born), on the Boards of Ploughshares Fund and Vassar College, and Human Rights and Democracy program officer at the General Service Foundation in Aspen, Colorado. They have three grown children, all of whom regard Lone Mountain as a spiritual touchstone.

In 2004 Bob and Mary consumed their first taste of American Kobe beef at a Santa Monica restaurant and were intrigued by its exquisite flavor and buttery smoothness. In early 2005 Bob again tasted some delicious Wagyu at a local Japanese restaurant and this time took notice of the price: $16 an ounce!

Bob immediately began research on this exotic breed and purchased two Fullblood Wagyu bulls in April 2005 and used them to cover the commercial cowherd. In August 2005, Lone Mountain bought 9 Fullblood Wagyu cows and began a breeding program with the goal of having 150-300 Fullblood Wagyu cows on the ranch by 2010 -utilizing modern breeding techniques, including artificial insemination and embryo transfer (using the commercial cows as recipients of the harvested Fullblood embryos).