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Wagyu - Beyond Prime (pdf)
Wagyu's extraordinary quality is measured by strict grading classifications originating in Japan, and then, proven in the market by fetching prices that are orders of magnitude higher than even USDA Prime. Read this breakdown of the Wagyu grading classifications, and the results this "Beyond Prime" quality can bring to successful Wagyu producers.

Breeding Wagyu (pdf)
Only by understanding the Wagyu bloodlines and the qualities that each bloodline carries with it can we capitalize on the outstanding meat quality possible through skillful breeding.

Raising Wagyu (pdf)
Read this handy breakdown of the Lone Mountain way of raising Wagyu. We have uncovered a variety of myths and trade secrets to bring you the practices that have brought us success.

Health Benefits of Wagyu Beef (pdf)
The most striking thing about Wagyu beef is the extraordinary degree of marbling that brings it unmatched tenderness, juicyness, and flavor. That fat can also be deceiving, but in fact, the win-win of Wagyu's prestige is that its exceptional taste comes from its higher concentration of good fats (as compared with other beefs). In fact, research shows that, in moderation, Wagyu is "as healthy for the human body as olive oil, or a filet of salmon." Read on for more surprising facts about Wagyu beef's health benefits.