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May 17, 2014
Growing worldwide demand for Wagyu Beef spawns breed’s first million dollar female sale (pdf)

October 31, 2009
Robert Estrin's Statement of AWA Board Candidacy (pdf)

June 4, 2008
Studies Show Wagyu Beef is Healthy Red Meat Option (pdf)

August 21, 2007
Preparations Underway for First LMCC Wagyu Sales (pdf)

August 17, 2007
Meet Yojimbo, the latest 14-Star Bull at Lone Mountain (pdf)

August 1, 2007
Latest Report Card from GeneStar (pdf)

June 15, 2007
How to Take Your Herd Beyond Prime With Fullblood Wagyu (pdf)

January 17, 2007
Denver Stock Show sees First Wagyu Exhibit (pdf)

March 12, 2007
Another Great Report Card From GeneStar (pdf)