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2010 Production Sale Results

Wagyu enthusiasts from 11 states were on the seats and internet folks from throughout the world helped celebrate our 3rd Lone Mountain Ranch Sale. A beautiful spring New Mexico day greeted sale goers. Our own Lone Mountain Wagyu burgers were a hit for the pre-sale lunch. Many new breeders participated in this 2010 event. All in all, it felt like another showcase event for Fullblood Wagyu in North America. And we wholeheartedly thank Auctioneer Butch Booker, Sale Manager James Danekas & Associates, Inc., and all of the Lone Mountain staff, friends and family who made this event possible.

Here are the numbers:

Lone Mountain Ranch
Fullblood Wagyu Sale
April 17, 2010; Golden, NM

Pairs Avg. $10,036
Bred Cows Avg. $6,125
Heifer Pregnancies Avg. $6,293
Open Heifers Avg. $5,100
Bulls Avg. $3,650


LMR Ms Fukutsuru 624S, 7-14-06 by JVP Fukutsuru 068; with a 2-10-10 heifer by LMR Kazuki 770T; 14,000 to Kuempel Wagyu, Pampa, TX.

BR Ms Kitateruyasudoi 0632 6621, 4-3-06 by BR Kitaeruyasudoi 0632; with a 2-27-10 heifer by LMR Hiroshi 766T; $12,000 to Wail Hashimi, Salida, CO.

LMR Ms Sanjirou 4P 820T, 8-30-07 by BAR R Sanjirou 4P; with a 2-11-10 heifer by LMR Toshiro 1/3; $12,000 to Kuempel Wagyu, Pampa, TX.

BR Ms Itomichi 0620 6620, 3-12-06 by BR Itomichi 0602; with a 2-14-10 bull by LMR Hiroshi 766T;$11,000 to Kuempel Wagyu, Pampa, TX.

LMR Ms Itomichi 4632 747T, 10-3-07 by BR Itomichi 0632 4632; with a 2-2010 heifer by LMR Itozurudoi 814T; $9,250 to Denise Fecke, Bonfield, IL.

Confirmed heifer pregnancy due July 2010 sired by LMR Yojimbo 634S and out of BR Ms Tak 0606 4622; $8,000 to Kuempel Wagyu, Pampa, TX.

LMR Ms Fukutsuru 609S, 4-22-06 by JVP Fukutsuru 068; due August 2010 to LMR Hiroshi 766T;$7,250 to Kuempel Wagyu, Pampa, TX.