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Although relatively unknown in the United States, Itoshigenami TF148 is considered to be one of the top three bulls exported from Japan according to David Blackmore, renowned Australian Wagyu producer.

A medium-framed bull weighing 1,650 pounds with excellent conformation, Itoshigenami TF148 is 75% Tajima and 25% Fujiyoshi and is being used extensively in our fullblood breeding program to induce maternal characteristics while enhancing carcass quality. In fact, Itoshigenami is arguably one of the best Wagyu bulls when it comes to marbling and carcass traits. There are three key families in the Tajima line: Nakadoi, Okudoi and Kumanami. The bull which made the Kumanami line famous was Shigekananami (Itoshigenami's grandsire) who had great influence over the line. Itoshigenami TF148 was sired by Shigeshigenami – a double cross of Shigekananami and therefore highly inbred in the Kumanami bloodline. Shigeshigenami’s family has extremely potent marbling genes. In fact, according to Kenichi Ono, author of “Outstanding Wagyu in Japan,” published in 1999, Shigeshigenami is “the bull most representative of ‘quality Wagyu.’”

Itoshigenami TF148 was born and bred by Mr. Shogo Takeda in 1995.