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Itozurudoi TF151’s grandsire is Dai 7 Itozakura J65 and his maternal grandsire is Yasumi Doi J10328. He is known as a fabulous composite bull in the industry.

Itozurudoi TF151 is 50 percent Tajima, 25 percent Fujiyoshi, and 25 percent Kedaka. He has an extremely big frame, weighs 2,420 lbs., carries early maturing traits that produce great Fullblood mothers with excellent milk, and is the best marbling bull of the Fujiyoshi bloodlines.

According to noted Wagyu expert, Shane Lindsay, Itozurudoi TF151 beat Michifuku in every statistical category of comparison in Fullblood Wagyu carcasses. By the time his progeny were tested and his value was discovered, Itozurudoi TF151 was deceased, leaving a very limited supply of semen.

Lone Mountain Ranch has over 20 pregnancies by Itozurudoi TF151 due in 2007 and 2008; the resulting bulls and heifers will become a significant supplement to our Tajima-based herd.