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In the Japanese 2001 Sire Evaluation Report, Yasufuku J930 is listed as the sire of the three highest marbling sires in Japan: number one, Yasufuku 165-9; number two, Fukusakae; and number three, Yasuhira.

In the ninth Zenkyo (2007 All-Japan Wagyu Competition, which is held once every five years), Yasufuku J930 bloodlines dominated the contest, siring one champion and grandsiring two others. Yasufuku J930 was also the maternal grandsire of two runners-up and grandsire of the other runner-up. Yasufuku J930’s name appeared on all three champion sires and all three runners-up.

Yasufuku J930 is linebred to Yasumi Doi J10328. Offspring of Yasufuku J930 produced one carcass that sold at auction for $97,000 at the 2007 All-Japan Wagyu Competition. Other carcasses produced by descendants of Yasufuku J930 sold for $45,000, $42,600, $49,000 and $68,000.