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sire guide intro

sire guide intro

jvp fukutsuru 068

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sire yasufuku

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sire itoshigenami

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dai 7 itozakura

kitaguni 7-8 J1530

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sire itozurudoi

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dai 20 hirashige j287

hirashigetayasu j2351


Wagyu Cattle: Bulls, Genetics,

Embryos & Information

At Lone Mountain Cattle Company our goal is to breed the highest quality fullblood Wagyu genetics possible. We aim to combine the strengths of each of the three primary Wagyu cattle lines to raise the quality of the overall Wagyu genetics. And as an added service to our customers and partners, we like to share the wealth of knowledge we’ve gained about Wagyu genetics. So whether you're interested in hearing about Wagyu genetics, embryos or the character of the bulls, LoneMountainCattle.com has you covered.

Wagyu Genetics

Lone Mountain’s Wagyu genetics currently focus on four bulls from the Tajima line. They are four of the six top Wagyu bulls as listed on the latest American Sire Summary: Michifuku, Fukutsuru 068, Takazakura and Sanjirou. Our herd of Wagyu is registered with both the American Wagyu Association and the Australian Wagyu Association. You can find more information about wagyu genetics by clicking on the following link:
Wagyu Genetics

Wagyu Bulls

Lone Mountain Cattle Company bulls are Approved AI Sires with the Australian Wagyu Association. Semen produced by these fullblood Wagyu bulls is for sale. Check out the Semen Sales page for more details.
Wagyu Bulls

Wagyu Embryos

Interested in learning more about the finest Wagyu embryos found in the world? Well the following link about our wagyu embryos will tell you more.
Wagyu Embryos

Bob Estrin
Lone Mountain Cattle Company
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